New on Plantifier – crowd sourced plant recognition

Have you always wanted to know the name of a specific plant in your garden or in a garden from a neighbor ? Via an easy to use system (uploading a photo) this is now possible on The name of this new service is ‘Plantifier‘. The word comes from ‘plant’ and ‘identifier’… so plant identification… and we use ‘crowd sourcing‘ !

Crowd sourcing is a new trend and it works in a way that a (big) group of people work together on the same topic… in our case is it the recognition of plants and flowers.

After uploading a photo on an unknown plant, everyone can propose a possible plant name. Other users are able to vote on the submitted names and agree or disagree with the name. This way you’ll get the right name for your unknown plant very soon.

Today we launch the web version of Plantifier, soon there will be a Smartphone app for Android, iPhone and iPad that allows you to upload and recognize plants and flowers from inside your garden.

Follow our @plantifier Twitter account for more information and to start recognizing plants !


Own subdomain for PLUS accounts

As promised earlier, we now have activated a new feature for the PLUS account holders. Gardeners with a paying PLUS account can now activate their own subdomain on their profile page.

A subdomain is a URL such as: It is a link to your own personal profile page on the site. The subdomain name can be freely chosen or you can use the suggestion. (see example below)

After saving the settings your personal subdomain will be available immediately. You can use this as a shortcut or link to give to your friends or to post on Twitter and Facebook.

Don’t you have a PLUS account yet ? For 24 Euro’s a year (that is only 2 Euro per month) you can have a PLUS account. Apply now !

Inches or centimeters?

When you are living in the UK, the chances are that you don’t use centimeters to calculate. That’s why we added in the profile the possibility to change the measurements from meters to inches. Feel free to change!


You know other gardeners? Invite them!

This site a true social network for gardeners. So why not invite your friends and other gardeners to join this community?

At the right hand side of the screen, you’ll notice a gray button: “Invite a friend”

When you click this button, you can enter one or more email-addresses of the people you want to invite.

If you want, you can change the standard text that’s already filled in. After that, just hit the “Send” button and your friends will receive an email with this invitation.


What can I do when I start on

When you went through the register process, you arrive on the homepage, the hart of Here you can, as you may know from Twitter and Facebook, write short messages about your garden. This can be anything, as long as it is related to your garden.

Under the messagefield, you see a few buttons, useful buttons!

The first series are used to add extra info to your message.


When you want to link your message to a certain plant in your garden, use the “plant” button. Click it, and select the appropriate plant.


This button allows you to write a public message to another user. Just click the button, select the user (as you did with the plant). You can only write a message to a user you follow.


When you click the “photo” button, you can select a file to show as a picture about your message


When you have an interesting link to share with your fellow gardeners, click the “Link” button.

Then you need to paste the link to the webpage in the “http://” field and choose “Attach”

With the little arrows, you can select a good picture to accompany your link.

The last series of buttons help you to publish your message

Facebook and Twitter

If you’ve attached your Facebook or Twitter account to your profile, you can post your message directly to these other social networks. How to attach these profiles, I will explain in another blogpost.

And when all the info is added, don’t forget the “Share” button

, a first impression

In this video, we give you a first impression of what you may expect from In the next posts, I will give you detailed information on how things work on our site.


We like to welcome you to This new site will help you as a gardener: search for the information you need, talk to other gardeners, explore their gardens! In this Blog you will find lots of useful information, tips and tricks, new features, …

If you need any help on the site, use the helpdesk function on the top of every page.